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We will be entering a new legislative session beginning in January of 2015. We are working during the summer to reach out to new members and plan our strategy for the upcoming session. We have added 10 members in the last month. We now have over 100 members and we are growing. We need all the new members and help that we can get in order to get the attention of our legislative body.

I recently received a three page letter from a prominent executive. This executive (who shall be nameless) is concerned about senior citizens not being able to retire due to the burden of paying permanent alimony and is interested in meeting with Jerry Govan and myself to discuss our plans for the upcoming year. This person is very interested in joining our group and helping us change the archaic laws in South Carolina. With many years of professional experience in organizational skills and management, this executive could be a great asset to our organization. This is exciting news for us!

We plan to ask for more changes in our upcoming bill. We want an end to permanent alimony at age 65 with an exception for mental or physical disability. We will at least ask for some type of offset when the payee is receiving social security. We would like to see the alimony payments reduced by the amount of social security being received if the payee starts drawing social security before age 65. We also plan to pre-file our bill in November in order to speed up the process at the beginning of the session. We would like to introduce a companion bill in the Senate, so Jerry Govan and I will be speaking with some of the Senators and asking for their support for our bill. This will be helpful if we manage to move our new bill from the House to the Senate. By doing this, the Senate will already be familiar with the bill and this should help us speed the process along.

I would like to thank all of our members for their hard work and support. If you would like to join our organization and help us change the archaic laws in South Carolina please click on the "Join Our Cause" button and sign up. We need all the help that we can get. We are an all volunteer group and no one is paid for their efforts. We are just a group of people who feel that is unfair and unjust to have to pay someone for the rest of your life simply because your marriage failed.

Primary Legislative Goals

Amend the South Carolina alimony laws so judges have clear guidelines that:

• Support self-sufficiency and independence for the lower-earning spouse through alimony payments that continue during a transition period, which lasts more than a decade in long-term marriages;

• Maintain appropriate judicial discretion to fairly judge unique circumstances where the lower-earning spouse is physically or mentally unable to work to gain self-sufficiency, continuing alimony payments in special cases, and only until no longer needed;

• End lifelong alimony dependency, allowing each party of the divorce to move-on with independent lives;

• Obtain retirement rights for alimony payers, the same rights enjoyed by all other citizens;

• Protect second wives from current case law, which requires judges to fully investigate second-wives' income and assets;

• End expensive legal battles over vague alimony laws and interpretations; and allow people to retire at a reasonable age with a safety valve for those that really need alimony.

• Provide equal and consistent treatment, where the outcome of a alimony case is not decided by the Russian Roulette selection of the family court judge.

We look forward to working with the SC Bar and the legislature to enact these changes.

Please contact us if you want to help change the laws in South Carolina. If you are paying permanent alimony you need to join our organization. When you help us you help yourself. You can contact us at www.scalimonyreform.com or e-mail us at


We are a state of South Carolina non-profit association dedicated to modernizing the outdated alimony laws of South Carolina. We are looking for people just like you that would like to join us in our effort. If you feel that the alimony laws in South Carolina are unfair and unjust in today's society, please join us and help us update these archaic laws. We are seeking to change permanent alimony to limited duration alimony with a safety valve for those that really need it due to physical or mental disabilities. You can e-mail us at . You may also call us at 803-531-3002.

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Thank you for your support!

We are asking everyone that is interested in assisting us to please make a contribution to help with the cost of our expenses. As you know it takes money to operate a web site, run ads, and travel to Columbia to meet with your representatives and with the media. We plan to run a billboard ad in the future. We would appreciate any donations to help in our operations. As little as $10.00 will help us represent you and help with our operating expenses. We appreciate any and all donations to the cause. Please make all contributions to the following address:

SC Alimony Reform
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